Why Your Company Needs an Upgraded Video Conference System

If you’re in the middle of an important presentation and speaking to a video meeting with lots of people on the call, nothing can steer you off course more than a major hiccup or glitch in your technology.

There’s nothing worse than when video freezes up or if audio disappears suddenly, and you have to scramble awkwardly to figure it all out. By installing an upgraded video conference system in your Austin, TX office, though, you’ll send all those worries away.  This easy-to-use system makes sure you can communicate with every employee and client with zero obstacles.

Read on below to learn more about this smart solution for your business or company video conferences.


Quality Camera and Screen

When it comes to a video meeting, you want both ends of the call to be able to hear and see clearly.  For that result, you’ll need a top-notch projector and camera for your system.

A projector and screen with a 4K Ultra HD resolution will guarantee that no static hinders the image, so no delayed or long pauses will derail a meeting or require you to ask a coworker or client if they’re still there.

You want the other video recipient to see just as clear of a display – so a 4K video camera is a must.  It will record your conference or boardroom so that those missing from it can feel like they’re actually in the same room with you.

Reaching out to and communicating with workers around the globe or clients who can’t make it into office has never been easier.

High-End Speakers and Microphone

A video conference only runs smoothly if everyone can hear each other clearly.  This is why strategically placed speakers and a high-performance microphone are essential to ensure that you effectively communicate your message to everyone in the conference.

Upgraded audio components allow everyone in the room to hear every word spoken on the other end of the line.  And quality microphones make sure that no matter where you are in the boardroom, your voice will be heard.

There will be no more asking clients to repeat themselves or wondering if your coworker heard a vital piece of information.

Easy to Use for Anyone

The best part of this video conference system is how easy it is to use.  Upgrading your equipment or adding on new products shouldn’t translate complications in your process.

Turning the cameras, screens, and entire system on, adjusting volume, and managing attendees on the call all comes down to using a smart device of your choice.

Control the conference call or hand off the remote or touchpad to another colleague to take the lead.  There’s no advanced learning curve required, so everyone can step up to host a video conference meeting.

Want to learn more about bringing an upgraded video conference system to your company?  Call us at )512) 375-3379 or fill out our online contact form.  We’d love to hear from you.

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