Why You Should Hire a Home Automation Installer

If you’d like to automate your home’s lights, security, audio, and more into one system, you may be wondering—can I install this myself? As smart home technology grows in popularity, we’ve seen more plug-and-play products pop up in stores. But will you be able to achieve the functionality and seamless integration you desire on your own?

You may be quite handy, but there are several things to consider before attempting DIY home automation. To see if you could benefit from working with a home automation installer in your Austin, TX house, consider the points below.

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Wiring & Safety

If you’re only planning to use a single, stand-alone device like a Nest thermostat, you can probably install that yourself. However, it’s much more complex when integrating multiple smart home systems like smart lights, alarms, multi-room audio, etc. For a clean aesthetic, you’ll want a professional to wire your system so that it functions reliably. Unless you’re qualified, it isn’t safe to wire a system yourself, so be sure to partner with an installer for help.

Home Security

Smart security is one of the most useful features of home automation. From automatic locks to surveillance cameras and alarms, you can protect your home even when you’re away. If you’re fitting a door entry system, this is not an area for cost-cutting. You won’t want to accidentally have a fatal flaw in a security system, and a professional will know how to avoid that.

Interior Aesthetics

An expert installer has worked on countless homes like yours and will have an eye for design. You may be able to complete a DIY project on your own but might end up with a jungle of cables and wires. Professional integrators have experience installing hidden technology. What will look better—an installation by you or a pro? Most likely, it will be the person who does this for a living.

Network Capacity

Your Wi-Fi network can only handle so much. If you start haphazardly adding smart devices to your home, you’ll risk overloading it. You won’t want your internet speed to resemble dial-up! A professional knows how to optimize your network and find ways to strengthen it for your home’s needs.

How to Find a Great Installer

When looking for a smart home installer that you can trust, check to see if they are HTA-certified. The Home Technology Association certifies only companies that have proven technical expertise, a stellar reputation, background checks, and endorsements from manufacturers. There are many HTA-certified installers across the U.S. If you’re in the Austin, TX area, mero CONCEPTS is a Luxury Member.

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