Unique Benefits of Home Lighting Automation

You may understand that lighting is essential for your Austin home — but do you know of all you can do with home lighting automation? We all need lights around our home to help us do our day-to-day tasks — work, cook, shower, and simply see around the house. But what if lighting can go beyond that and provide more unique advantages?

We’re here to explain how it can. In this blog, we’ll go over some benefits of lighting you may not know about — with a focus on home lighting automation for your Texas home.

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human-centric lighting

Have you ever been disappointed about how harsh the lighting is in your home? It can be challenging to find the perfect bulbs that suit your preferences. If you’re all about natural sunlight filling your home, you’ll be a fan of Ketra lighting. Ketra is a brand known for their light sources that simulate sunlight and change colors throughout the day. Their bulbs provide human-centric lighting — which can make your home’s lights more aligned with the natural rhythms of your body’s cycles.

With a Ketra lighting system in your home, you can start your day with bright, energizing light and wind down and relax with a warm, soft glow like a sunset. Ketra’s innovative lighting can also be automated — so you can customize which lights you want to activate, and the specific times you want them on. You can easily set an automated scene, and Ketra can handle the rest.

energy efficiency

Ketra is a part of Lutron, a company known for its smart lighting control and motorized window treatments. Lutron shades are fully automated and can be programmed to raise and lower based on temperatures and sunlight. They can work to help you save money on your energy bills by blocking sunlight and reducing your HVAC costs.

Lutron shades will use smart technology to sense if your rooms are receiving too much sunlight, and they will adjust accordingly to help cool your home. This is when they can partner with your home lighting automation to ensure your place is still properly lit. After your shades are lowered, your Ketra lighting can fill your space and mimic natural sunlight — without the unnecessary heat and glare.

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