Top-Notch Audio Video Products for Your Backyard

Don’t keep the fun and festivities stuck inside your Terrytown home for your next big bash or celebration.  Take the party outside with an upgraded outdoor entertainment system that impresses!

But what products and equipment should make up your AV system?  You want trusted companies with products that deliver entertainment at a superior level.

There are two necessary media features for your outdoor entertainment system, screens and speakers, and we’ve listed our favorite brands for your Tarrytown backyard or patio area.  Read on to learn which are the best fit for you.



SunBriteTV: No Glare, No Glitches

Whether you’re hosting a movie night for friends and family or getting ready to enjoy the big game, watching outside can pose an array of potential issues.

If the sun is shining too brightly or the weather doesn’t behave, how can a screen hold up?  We highly recommend the SunBriteTV. We partner with SunBrite because no matter the weather that come its way, the TV can endure it.

Not only will you have a durable and sturdy TV to watch your media on outdoors, but it delivers a crystal-clear image with 4K resolution too.

The sun’s harsh rays won’t be a problem either.  SunBrite TVs have a greater brightness than the ones you have inside your home.  Watch your shows or movies when the sun is at its brightest, and never miss a single scene or play.

Outdoor Speakers with Top-Notch Audio

After you pick a screen, the next part of any media setup is the audio.  For an outdoor setting, you’ll need something that provides high-end audio even with the other ambient noises and sounds that occur outside.

Revel extreme climate speakers are designed to withstand any type of environment – damp, wet, or dry.  Even in the worst of humidity. Install these near the pool area and never worry if a splash will drown it, or if a thunderstorm later will ruin them.

For a perfect surround sound setup, we also work with James landscape loudspeakers.  You can set these up all around your backyard and create the ideal acoustics setup.  These blend in well with your existing décor and the architecture of your home’s exterior.

Both brands promise sleek and stylish speakers for your backyard that never sacrifice their quality of audio performance.  Play a dance playlist or listen to a movie soundtrack in rain or shine with flawless audio integration.

Want to learn more about an outdoor entertainment system and the ideal products for setting one up in your Tarrytown home?  We partner with only the best home entertainment brands so you are satisfied with your installation every time.

Feel free to give us a call at 512-375-3379 or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with our team.  We’d love to hear from you.

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