The Food’s Great—How’s Your Audio? Why Your Restaurant’s AV Matters

We all remember a time we visited a coffee shop, bar, or restaurant where the audio or visuals were noticeably lacking. There’s the classic scenario: straining to hear what your family says during dinner because of the booming speakers overhead. You might ask to move tables, only to find that the sound is no better by the windows.

Or perhaps you’ve faced the opposite dilemma: walking into a café that is so quiet, all you can hear is the baristas talking about your order and the microwave beeping. Feeling awkward, you might decide to take your meal to-go.

Even if the dishes are superb, guests will bring home the memory of your restaurant’s experience. So, if they stopped in your bar to watch the game and can’t see the screen—or if they hoped to hear live music, but the sound was distorted—it will leave a bad taste in their mouths.

What will visitors take away from your restaurant? To learn more about what a restaurant AV installation can offer your Lakeway, TX eatery, continue reading our points below.

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Whole-Restaurant Music

After décor and lighting, music is the surest way to set the mood in your restaurant. Whether you’ll be playing ‘60s folk music or ‘90s rap, customers will want to hear it in every space they walk through. With a distributed audio system, every device can be synced to play the same track at once.

Plus, a professional integrator can help design a system that doesn’t overpower your restaurant, tailoring the acoustics for each space. For a sleeker appearance, opt for recessed speakers in the ceilings and walls. And for powerful bass notes, an integrator can locate the perfect spot for a subwoofer for just the right amount of bass.

Ultra-High-Definition Displays

If your restaurant is a destination for game night, offer customers something better than staying at home. 4K and now 8K definition displays provide clearer images, more vibrant colors, and deeper blacks than ever. With OLED technology, each pixel on the screen is controlled individually to create front-row realism. There are plenty of other fun options to consider, too: video walls, drink menu screens, and artwork displays. Your TVs should enhance—not distract—the event of dining at your restaurant.

Automated Control

There’s little use of high-tier video and audio if it’s challenging to manage. With a Control4 system in place, your staff can adjust all audio and video right from a smartphone, tablet, remote, or voice-activated speaker. Lower the volume on all speakers at the same time, or switch playlists without a moment of dead air. Play from streaming services, radio, CDs, vinyl—the choice is up to you. With smart media control, you can plug and play in seconds.

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