Take Your Home Lighting Control to the Next Level with Savant

Bringing Savant home lighting control to your whole Tarrytown, TX home and property will not only illuminate your space but also will take it to another level entirely.

Upgrade your smart lighting this winter with a system that is top-notch and functions seamlessly and always runs smoothly. Check out some of Savant’s best lighting features and characteristics below, as we show you why this system is best for you and your living space.

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Setting the Scene

You might think that home lighting control just means easily having the ability to brighten up any space in your home or dim the lights with a press of a button. While that is certainly true, Savant takes it a step further.

Setting “scenes” for your lighting system means you can determine exactly how you want your lights to convey a mood or atmosphere in your home.

If guests are coming over for a dinner party or a get-together of sorts, press your “dinner” scene to lower the shades and dim the lights in the dining room. Are you hosting a movie night or TV show binge? Another “film” scene can turn off your lights completely, enveloping you in darkness while you enjoy a movie in your media room or home theater.

Savant lets you customize your scenes, giving you endless options when it comes to how your lighting shapes your home’s environment for every occasion.

Entertain with Lighting Displays

This time of year means lots of festivities and having family and friends over for the holidays. What better way to get everyone in the spirit than with joyful and vivid lighting displays?

With Savant, you can set up your landscape lighting to show different colors that match the current holiday you’re celebrating. This will make your house stand out among the rest on your street and will give your guests a clear indicator over which home is yours.

Your indoor lighting is no exception in this regard either. Set up your lights to alternate with various colors, brighten them to create that holiday glow, and dim them while you all gather around the fire as the evening comes to an end.

Upgrade Your Security

If you’re leaving for the holidays or going away on vacation, you might find yourself worrying about your empty home the entire time you’re gone.

But along with your smart home security system, your Savant lighting system can also enhance your property’s safety. By scheduling your lights to turn on and off at various times during the day and your shades to lower and raise as well, you’ll create an imitation of your regular routines.

This setup will make it appear that you are at home, and steer any burglars or robbers from targeting your house and attempting to break in. You can even easily make these lighting schedules into a “vacation” scene — so for every trip you take from now on, you’ll only need to press a button for your home to be safe and secure.

From elevating any event you host to protecting your property, Savant home lighting control takes your system above and beyond your expectations. Check out its features in action in the video below:

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