Spend More Time in Fresh Air with Outdoor Audio Video

We spend a lot of our time indoors. Many of us work in front of computer screens under fluorescent lights, only to return home to our living rooms and TVs. But exposure to fresh air and nature has been proven to lower stress, reduce inflammation, and lessen fatigue. Enjoying time outdoors has also proven to lower anxiety and supplement treatments of depression.

While you may want to spend more time in the sun, that doesn’t mean you need to skip watching a Longhorns game or cancel dinner plans to go on a hike. Now that central Texas weather is finally cooler than 90 degrees, why not take your entertainment outdoors?

Outdoor audio video solutions allow you to share music and watch your favorite shows with weatherproof technology. If you’d like to swap your living room for the patio in your Tarrytown house, continue reading to learn how below.

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Adding Outdoor Speakers  

Just like with an indoor multi-room audio system, your outdoor speakers can synchronize to play the same music across your yard, and even connect to the music playing indoors. You’ll need a receiver or distribution amplifier to power speakers and connect them to your audio sources. Stereo setups sometime don’t sound great in a large property because speakers may be spaced too widely, so you may want speakers that play both left and right channels in one. Use stereo-input speakers with both left and right connections, or amps that combine both to send mono signals to standard speakers. Cables to your outdoor devices can be buried below-ground for a clean landscape appearance but are best run through a hard-plastic conduit to protect from animals and accidental damage from garden tools.

At mero CONCEPTS, we love weatherproof audio from James Loudspeaker and Terra by Leon. From James, you can achieve rich bass note sounds with direct burial subwoofers. James speakers use aircraft-grade aluminum for ultimate protection against outdoor conditions so that you can leave your speakers installed outside all year long. Maine-made Terra manufactures landscape lighting speakers that include small LED lights to illuminate pathways while emitting music, so you’ll enhance your yard’s appearance too.

Outdoor Video on Durable Screens

Outdoor speakers set the mood for parties, cookouts, and relaxing, but take your entertaining further with a weatherproof TV. Outdoor screens by SunBriteTV or Séura are built to display clear pictures without glare, even in full sunlight. Splash water on the display or leave it in the rain—it will still connect to your Netflix with no issue next time you turn it on. Plus, coupled with your outdoor audio system by James Loudspeaker or Terra, you’ll experience higher quality sound than most homeowners’ indoor setups. Movie nights under the stars will become the norm for you and your family, and friends will love to enjoy sports and award shows at your house.

If you’re ready to bring outdoor entertainment to your Austin, TX home, mero CONCEPTS can help. Give us a call at (512) 375-3379 or contact us online here.

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