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IT Support for the Modern Workplace

If you are struggling with your IT Support for your modern workplace that is based in or around Corpus Christi and Austin Texas then the information in this blog could be very useful for you. Technology is very important for the modern workplace as it is baked into the very fabric of all of the day to day tasks that have to be carried out in order for your business to operate. It is also very useful for most of the other tasks that many businesses complete so, it is more important than ever that in the modern workplace you have adequate IT Support.

We’re SYSTEMSEVEN, proactive IT support for SMEs in Austin and Corpus Christi

With the most recent technology, we assist SMEs in southern Texas in realizing their potential from our bases in Corpus Christi and Austin. Our objective is to deliver streamlined, secure, and reliable company technology, and our 22-person, multi-skilled staff is equipped to handle almost any project.

Although we are innovative and dedicated to helping our clients align their IT with business goals, we regrettably find that not all IT support companies adopt our methodology. Some IT support companies strictly adhere to their contractual obligations, rarely deviating to offer helpful advice or insights. Others fall short in their fundamental tasks, leaving their clients with shoddy systems that struggle to support fundamental business operations. Here are some indicators that your Austin or Corpus Christi IT support provider might not be a good fit for your company to assist you evaluate the caliber of the IT support you’re currently receiving.

You are greatly impacted by downtime!

Technology outages can result in significant financial losses. Almost 60% of outages cost over $100,000, according to the Uptime Institute’s Outage study report. While the damage is probably much less severe for smaller businesses, research indicates that over a third of downtime events result in a direct loss of revenue.

By tackling the top 2 causes of IT outages—cyber attacks and hardware/software malfunction—your IT support provider may significantly reduce the risk of downtime for your company. Your provider should be able to update software and apply security fixes continuously using remote network monitoring and maintenance tools. In order to handle traffic bottlenecks and remedy faults before they worsen, they should also be continually monitoring network performance data.

Also, they ought to be providing a number of security procedures intended to stop hackers from entering your network.

The recurrence of the same failure is one of the telltale symptoms of subpar network maintenance. When the core cause of a problem is not addressed, downtime incidents frequently recur, frustrating personnel and impeding business operations. If this sounds familiar, it might be time to look for a provider who can adequately support the technology used by your company.

They only fulfil their minimal duties

It goes without saying that you want your IT provider to adhere to their contractual requirements, but if these obligations grow to define your entire relationship, issues may arise.

A service level agreement is essential for detailing the obligations of each party as well as the level of service you anticipate from your IT provider. Yet, the SLA may not provide specific information about many of the service components that transform assistance from “adequate” to “outstanding”.

For instance, your supplier need to be proactively providing you with advice from industry experts about cost-effective ways to solve company problems based on their experience and insights. Their service should be customized to your company, with an emphasis on solutions that take into account the particular peculiarities and limitations of your organization, including regulatory requirements. They should also be assisting you in making long-term plans by creating a tech strategy for the future that synchronizes your IT with your company’s growth expectations and aspirations.

A number of security precautions should also come standard with the support package. To create a barrier of defense against cybercrime, measures like firewalls, encryption, and anti-malware programs should be combined, and services like mobile device management should be made available.

If your IT support provider never goes above and beyond their basic written commitments then the relationship is unlikely to provide value to your business, and your IT infrastructure will suffer as a result.

Talking to them is challenging

Even if the majority of current IT assistance is provided behind the scenes, you don’t want to have a chilly or distant connection with your provider if or when you do contact them. Customer service is a frequently overlooked facet of providing IT assistance, but it’s crucial to making sure your company benefits the most from the collaboration.

Consider a time when your infrastructure was changed by your provider. How went it? Did they collaborate with you to make sure your team was aware of the changes, or did you feel abandoned? Did they try to confuse you with technospeak or did they translate complicated jargon into plain English? Helpful IT suppliers will naturally provide advice as part of the service because they want their clients to fully utilize any new technology.

Next, think about how affable and approachable your supplier is. Do you feel like a name on their database or do you have a specific point of contact with them? Are they approachable and receptive to advice, or are they obstinate and evasive?

The top IT support companies are aware that a strong client-provider relationship depends on providing warm and welcoming customer care. It may be time to look at your options if you dread speaking with your provider.

Every exchange resembles a sales presentation

The desire to employ technology to solve business challenges is one of the numerous reasons firms decide to outsource their IT support. The notion is that an IT supplier should be a knowledgeable resource, able to recommend the finest products and customized solutions around specific business needs, taking into consideration regulatory restrictions, financial constraints, and operational realities.

Regrettably, many IT service providers fail to take their clients’ demands into account and instead opt to market a select few solutions as the answer to all company problems. This might make every interaction feel like a sales pitch, with the product in question getting more attention than any potential business issues it might resolve.

If your IT support company consistently tries to “hard sell” you on a good or service that doesn’t appear to fit your company, they probably put their personal financial interests over the IT of your company.

They make a lot of claims, but can they keep them?

Consider their ability to support you both today and as your firm develops and expands when selecting an IT support provider. This entails taking into account the specialties of your provider and determining whether they are sufficiently varied to let you investigate a variety of tech solutions in the future.

Even though many IT service companies assert to have a wide range of expertise, it is exceedingly challenging to keep up with every area of business technology without a sizable staff of technicians. You should therefore be wary of tiny providers who make bold promises about their expertise unless they can back them up with proof or accreditations.

Ask your IT supplier about their accreditations if you have any doubts about their competence. Technical expertise and competence in quality control can be demonstrated by certifications like CompTIA, CCENT, and ISO9001. Asking your supplier about their knowledge of your industry, the regulatory environment you operate in, and any sector-specific software you employ, if you haven’t previously, may be worthwhile. Official vendor alliances can also be beneficial because they frequently signify respectable technical competence in relation to a given product line.

In the end, you want to make sure that your IT supplier has the abilities and expertise to support you as you fully utilize the greatest technology as your organization expands.

We’re SYSTEMSEVEN, the best IT company in Austin and Corpus Christi

Operating from our two bases in Austin and Corpus Christi, we offer an extensive range of Managed IT, telephony and business connectivity services to SMEs across southern Texas. To find out how we could optimize and enhance your IT systems for maximum productivity, commercial success and cyber security excellence, why not schedule a free, no-obligation IT consultation today.