Hire A Savant Dealer and Add Luxury and Convenience to Your Home

When it comes to smart home automation companies, Savant is one of the most prominent players in the industry. Savant technology automates many of the main subsystems of a home, and its personalization features are intuitive and innovative.

Enlisting a Savant expert can ensure you get the best features of your system. Here’s why you should hire a Savant dealer for your Austin, TX, home.

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savant lighting

When you use your lights, do you wish you could have different settings for various times of the day? Perhaps brighter lights when you’re working from home, and then softer lights when you’re entertaining? Savant allows you to customize your lighting preferences and set them as “scenes,” which you can activate with a touch of a button.

Savant also has Daylight Mode, which uses advanced logic to adjust your lighting intensity and color temperature to support a healthy circadian rhythm, which is your sleep and wake cycle. Daylight Mode brings natural light into your home, and it can reinforce your health and help your productivity.

Savant’s LED bulbs are also energy efficient and available in millions of colors — giving you near-infinite color choices for your lighting.

savant entertainment

When designing your smart home system, you need to include an entertainment system. Savant’s whole home audio allows you to use your smartphone or another smart device to choose content and choose which speakers to play them on. You no longer have to connect your phone manually again and again to individual speakers — with whole home audio, your music sources will automatically be connected to all of them. Play your favorite playlist on multiple speakers simultaneously or go big and play it on all of them — the choice is yours.

Savant can also enhance your home theater experience. In the Savant Pro app, you can access the video tiling feature, which lets you watch up to nine sources on a single screen. It’s a great option for viewing news, sports, movies, and more on the big screen, right in the comfort of your own home. You can also use Savant to create a “movie night” scene, which will automatically dim your lights, turn on your projector, and recline your seats — all with the touch of a button.

These are just several of the great Savant features you can incorporate in your Austin home. With a Savant system, you and your family will have personalized control for everything that matters. Although Savant’s technology is advanced and sophisticated, its products make like simpler and easier to manage for users.

mero CONCEPTS is a proud Savant dealer, and we’re here to give you the convenience and luxury that Savant offers. If you’re ready to design a system with us, give us a call!

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