Go Green with Commercial Automation

No matter what kind of business you run, you might find yourself wasting more energy as each month goes by.

But how can you help reduce your carbon footprint while also trying to keep up with your company and its daily needs?

You could own a restaurant or a small business – but either way, a smart and innovative commercial automation system can significantly impact your energy usage for the better.

If you’re in the Austin area, we can provide your space with the smart features necessary to lower your bills and make your business eco-friendly.

Keep on reading below to learn more about the commercial automation technologies we recommend for your place.

Let the Sun In

In a conference room or in your bar or cafe, leaving the lights on all day can make your electricity bills skyrocket.

Conference rooms can hold meetings that last for hours, and throughout the office, the lights can stay on for quite a while when employees work late.

This is where motorized shades step in. Automated shades are the perfect solution to cut down on the number of lights you have on in any room of your business.

With just a push of a button, you can lower and raise your shades at your command. It’s that easy. Any of your employees or workers can operate the tech themselves – before a presentation, a meeting, or if a customer asks to have the natural sunlight come through.

Install photo sensors around your space, and they’ll alert your shades to respond appropriately depending on how intense the sun is at the time. If the Texas sun is too harsh, the shades can lower to help prevent solar heat gain and keep your employees and customers happy.

But when the sun is at its perfect spot, the shades can let the light in for everyone to enjoy its warm glow.

Set up your lighting system to respond properly. When the shades are down, your lights will brighten and balance the room. When the shades are up – your lights can dim or turn off completely. You’ll have effectively eliminated this waste of energy.

Not a Light Left On

There’s nothing worse than returning to a room many hours later and finding that you or someone else had left the lights on in there the whole time.

By installing motion detectors in your company’s building, you can ensure this never happens. While people are in a room, your lights will remain on as usual. But after the last person leaves a room, your motion sensors will notice, and can then turn off the room’s lights after a few moments.

This guarantees that no light stays on for an empty room. At the end of a day, you can also push a button to turn off every light in your building.

And during the workday, you can even have designated areas and rooms in your space to have a set and determined lighting. Parts of your restaurant can have a more subdued and dimmed lighting, perfect for romantic dinners.

Insulate for the Season

Motorized window treatments are not just great for balancing a room’s lighting. They also provide the ultimate insulation for your business.

Honeycomb shades are a perfect example of insulated shades and are specifically designed for this function. But any shades are able to create insulation – it all relies on how they are in installed.

With a “gap” in between the shade and wall, there is an ideal amount of space created that acts as insulation for your building.

In the summer, your HVAC won’t be working overtime to cool down your company’s space, and in the winter your heating bills won’t be nearly as high.

Smart shades can keep you warmer or colder when needed, without you even lifting a finger.


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