Elevate Your Office’s Automation and Atmosphere

Sometimes a workspace can begin to develop a dull atmosphere as each day starts to feel the same. So, what’s a great way to improve productivity and boost morale at your Austin, TX company? With an office automation system, which, when done right, can be a key to a successful business.

From boosting motivation to helping out employee and client interactions, an upgraded commercial automation and AV system can transform your company’s whole environment.

Want to learn more about bringing these smart solutions to your offices and what they can do for your organization? Just keep on reading!


Create the Perfect Atmosphere

How your employees feel in their workspace can significantly impact how their workday goes. That’s why smart technologies like motorized shades, lighting control, and smart thermostats can help take your office to the next level.

With just a press of a button, shades and lighting can create ambiance and keep harsh lighting from streaming across employees’ faces as they work. Or if the sun’s rays are less intense and more appealing, you can lift the shades to bring natural lighting to the room.

Climate control can keep everyone feeling comfortable throughout the day, and smart thermostats are easily adjustable — they can even automatically change the temperature by a degree when they detect a change in the weather.

These smart features also help for boardroom presentations and setting the scene for a meeting.

Quality Visuals and Audio Throughout the Office

When employees are in a crucial client meeting or video conference, top-quality display screens are essential. With 4K screens or projectors, they’ll never have to worry about a dropped call or frozen screen.

A crystal-clear image keeps the momentum going and eliminates any hassles or frustrations that often arise with these technical glitches. The same goes for garbled audio that lead to both parties on the call continually asking, “did you hear me?”

Avoid all that with excellent screens and in-ceiling and in-wall speakers. This audio setup delivers the sound to every seat in the room, making sure no one is straining to hear. The speakers are virtually invisible and out of the way so that employees only have to focus on who is speaking and what they’re saying.

These AV features have a place throughout your company office space as well, not just in the boardroom. Have music play lightly through these invisible speakers in other parts of the building, giving workers something to hum along to or bop their head to while they work.

You can even play promotional videos on TV screens throughout the offices or in the lobby, keeping clients entertained while they wait.

Want to learn more about bringing office automation to your company this year? Feel free to give us a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with our team. We’d love to hear from you!

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