Bring More Natural Light into Your Home with Circadian Lighting

Feel Your Best from Morning to Night

What is circadian lighting? It’s lighting that automatically follows the natural sleeping/waking cycles of the human body. Also known as human-centric lighting, strategically designed systems like Control4’s have been shown to positively influence people’s alertness, productivity, sleep quality, and moods.

You might think that your existing lightbulbs in your Austin, TX, home serve you fine. But you could unintentionally be lighting your home with improper lighting, disturbing your sleep schedules and creating fatigue during the day. Explore how circadian lighting works below to see how it will improve your family’s wellness.    

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The Circadian Rhythm

Our bodies’ biological clock is called the circadian rhythm, and it’s our internal timekeeper that tells us when to be tired, awake, hungry, etc. Research has shown that lighting affects our rhythms and, therefore, our psychological and physical wellbeing.

Blue wavelengths are a natural occurrence during the day and inspire high mental awareness when the sun is shining. But exposure to blue light after dark can disrupt our sleep and throw off our circadian rhythms. Some studies even suggest a connection between nighttime light exposure and diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. Blue light suppresses the natural production of melatonin, so if your home is lit with bright, cool lighting, you could be accidentally tampering with your sleep cycle.

How Circadian Lighting Works

Lucky for homeowners everywhere, new lighting control solutions are transforming the way we illuminate our homes. With Control4, your smart LEDs will automatically change their brightness and color temperature throughout the day, set to the same schedule as the sun’s cycle.

In the morning, your smart system will light your house in a bright, cool-white tone. Lights will progressively soften and warm in the afternoon until they look like a campfire glow at night. Rooms will never feel harshly lit or stuffy; you’ll always enjoy the perfect ambience with smart lighting.  

Automated Lighting & Motorized Shades

A smart system like Control4, a global leader in home automation, can sync all your smart lights and motorized shades to one convenient-to-use system. Lights can be scheduled to automatically transition color temperature and brightness throughout the day, so you never have to remember to turn on your circadian lighting.

Motorized shades can also be set to rise and fall with the sun, so you’ll always greet the sunrise as you wake up. You’ll never accidentally create a dark, depressing setting by leaving the shades drawn, and by lowering them in one touch of a button, you can enjoy instant privacy.

Are you curious to learn more about smart home systems like lighting control? You can learn more in SYSTEMSEVEN’s blog series. And if you’re interested in a smart system for your Austin home, contact our team here.

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