Boost Teamwork and Productivity with an Upgraded Video Conference System

Are your meeting rooms equipped for modern collaboration? Today’s business moves at a faster pace than ever before. Beyond the basics like Wi-Fi and high-speed internet connectivity, today’s workers use software tools like Slack, Zoom Trello, Asana, and many others to manage work both across the organization and with external suppliers and partners. On top of this, they want to use their devices of choice too, be they smartphones, tablets, laptops, from different platforms. Your collaboration tools need to keep up with what modern teams are using.

Instead of traveling to meetings – whether across town or the country – video conference systems are increasingly being used to communicate faster, share information, and move projects, products, and services along quicker. If you want to keep your Austin, TX business up-to-date, keep reading to learn about video conferencing upgrades that will boost your organization’s productivity.

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High Definition Video and Audio

Your meeting spaces should have high definition video capability at a minimum, and for future-proofing, the ability to display 4K as well. Large flat-panel displays provide an easy way for meeting attendees to share presentations and other information. Projectors have always been a staple in conference rooms, and today’s models have better brightness, contrast, and 4K resolution, as well as being better able to perform in more brightly lit rooms.

A variety of video cameras from many vendors, offering up to 4K resolution, can be employed with many of the popular videoconferencing platforms like Zoom and Skype. Some cameras have remote control capability for panning and zooming to change the view if needed.

For audio, the worst aspect of a meeting is when people strain to hear the party on the other side of a video conference or need to shout to be heard clearly. You can ensure that everyone is heard by using high-quality, strategically placed microphones on the conference room tabletop. Another alternative is the microphone array, which can be centrally installed on a conference table or even in the ceiling. These solutions often employ noise cancellation technology to ensure that voices get through clearly, and ambient noise is minimized.

Wireless Content Sharing

With teams using a variety of devices, consider investing in wireless conference room sharing capabilities. Some of the latest video conference systems let multiple devices easily share screens and files wirelessly in video calls, so no cable is needed. Wireless makes for better collaboration with more flexibility, enabling better team participation.

Calendar Integration and Scheduling

Video conference systems are resources, and what better way for teams to schedule resources than with standard calendaring systems like Microsoft Outlook? The latest solutions integrate with Office and other major productivity platforms, allowing staff to look for and reserve meeting spaces with the right collaboration equipment. Remote participants can get into the meeting with just a click on their calendar invitation. Plus, the calendaring integration also monitors videoconference facility usage and helps you manage your resources more efficiently.

Ready to modernize your videoconference systems in Austin? mero CONCEPTS’ team of smart home integrators can help. Contact us at (512) 375-3379 or through our online form. We look forward to working with you.

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